Nerdfighter communities online are wonderful places to talk with other nerdfighters and meet some amazing people!



This server was initially set up to complete scavenger hunts around the release of Turtles All the Way Down, but has continued to flourish since the book's release. It's a fun and vibrant community that discusses everything from Nerdfighteria to art to fitness to science and more! Join here.


A small but growing server dedicated to meeting and hanging out with nerdfighters! There are spaces to talk about the various things you're unapologetically enthusiastic about, and host your own events to hang out with other nerdfighters in voice chats! Join here

Fans of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing (FAART)

FAART is an awesome place if you're looking for quality discussions about Hank's book, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing! Join it here.


The nerdfighters subreddit is a long-standing and positive place to share things and have conversations.


The only Facebook groups in which the Complexly team is personally involved are this one (for the Complexly community in general) and this one, which is specifically for the community around The Art Assignment.

Adult Nerdfighters is another active group, and if that one isn't right for you, just search around on Facebook! You'll likely find one that speaks to you.


EffYeahNerdfighters is a hub of things going on in Nerdfighteria. Some other great ones:

Nerdfighter Art

Hanklerfish Comic

Hank Green Out of Context

The Wiki

The Nerdfighteria Wiki is a great place to find all the projects the Complexly crew works on, transcriptions, and more!


You are always welcome to contact me, Victoria (head of community and communications), if you have questions or are working on a cool project, or whatever else! My email is, and you can find me on Twitter.